InsideMyProducts is an online magazine focused on the ever-evolving health and beauty space. Curious how the products you use on a daily basis actually work? Does that anti-ageing cream you saw on instagram really do anything? Can X, Y or Z really achieve fat loss? Want to see product reviews backed up by scientific evidence in an easy-to-understand way?

It can be challenging to keep up with innovations and the newest trends in the health and beauty space, and that’s why InsideMyProducts was born; we aim to help you decide what is worth trying (or maybe, ditching), using science to explore what is happening at the molecular level.

Why Should I trust you?

I’m a 20-something organic chemistry PhD student (graduated top of the class during my undergraduate), based in the UK. InsideMyProducts started as a means to satisfy my eagerness for always having to know why/how/what is happening when I put X on my face, or in my body (“but how does that work” – a phrase I often utter to myself – the scientist in me, I suppose). For those with a similar itch, I wanted to deconstruct the scientific principles – and what better vehicle than chemistry to do this – behind the mode of action of these products (at the molecular level). As a result, hopefully we can all make better, more informed health and beauty product choices.

As a practising organic chemist, with experience in the pharmaceutical industry, I’ll be consulting myself, along with the latest scientific literature in order to take a closer look at what your products are doing. Please note I do not hold any medical qualifications so please consult a doctor before doing anything drastic.

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